How to combat ageing

After the age of 40, your skin can start losing its elasticity and the body its vitality. While ageing is a natural process, it can be exacerbated by lifestyle choices.

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Soin du bébé

Washing and changing your baby

Washing your baby properly can help prevent skin irritation, redness and dryness. There are a few simple rules to respect when taking care of his or her fragile skin.

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During menopause, the body no longer produces oestrogen. Adjusting to this change takes time. Once the body has adapted, hot flushes gradually disappear.

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Vaginal flora

A healthy vaginal flora is the body’s first line of defence against urogenital infections. The vagina has its own flora composed of different kinds of bacteria.

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Dryness in intimate areas

Dryness can lead to infections in the vulva and vaginal areas and affect intercourse. Suitable intimate hygiene products can help minimise this problem.

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Irritations in intimate areas

Intimate areas can become irritated for many reasons. Irritations can affect the vulva or vaginal area, and include itching, burning or abnormal discharge.

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Intimate hygiene: what you need to know

Tissues in intimate areas are sensitive. Washing too little or too much or using unsuitable products can upset the balance of protective flora.

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Fitness & vitality

Your lifestyle can lead to stress or fatigue. This may have an impact on your daily life as a mother, woman, professional or partner. Here are some easy ways of improving your fitness and vitality.

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Nutrition during pregnancy

During pregnancy, it is essential that you get sufficient vitamins and minerals for your health and your baby’s development.

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Tired legs

Anyone can suffer from tired legs. Women are most prone to this problem, especially those who are pregnant or who have been pregnant several times. However, men are not immune. Fortunately, there are simple steps you can take to help your legs recover their lightness.

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