For 25 years, our laboratories have developed and marketed medicinal, healthcare and wellness products designed to improve everyday living. In addition to our gynaecological expertise, we also offer products in the nutritional and paediatric medicine fields.


Laboratoires IPRAD  was founded in 1989 with the launch of an innovative feminine hygiene product: the Saforelle Mild Cleanser. It contains no parabens or colouring agents and is made with natural burdock extracts. Over the years, we have developed a range of other equally effective products – medicinal products, cosmetics and dietary supplements – most of which aim to help women live life to the fullest.


“We aim to meet the need of healthcare professionals and patients by supplying top quality medicinal and healthcare products formulated using our pharmaceutical expertise. Much of our research and development is focused on

phytotherapy, to offer new and alternative treatments that are gentle for the body.”

Aurélie Defrance, CEO


  • 1989: Saforelle, Thalamag
  • 1992: Myleuca
  • 1995: Gestarelle
  • 1997: Gydrelle Cream
  • 1999: Uromil, Galactogil
  • 2000: Decramp Gel
  • 2001: Saforelle Bébé, Rap Phyto Cream
  • 2003: Secnol
  • 2004: Florgynal gélules
  • 2005: MyleuGYNE
  • 2010: Florgynal Tampon
  • 2011: Rap Phyto Gel
  • 2012: MucoGYNE
  • 2013: MediGYNE

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