Hormone-free hydrating and lubricating vaginal gel


Mucogyne is a hormone-free liposomal gel containing hyaluronic acid. Its formula helps maintain the elasticity and natural lubrication of vaginal mucosa during menopause or periods of decreased mucosal secretions. It is recommended for the hydration of vaginal mucosa in women of all ages. Liposomes ensure the hyaluronic acid is released gradually.


Recommended use

For vaginal dryness:
Apply the gel using an applicator 3 to 4 times per week or as recommended by your healthcare professional.

For lubrication:
Use as required. The gel can be applied before intercourse, as the liposomes ensure that the hyaluronic acid is released gradually. The gel is compatible with condoms and all forms of medication.


Dryness in intimate areas

Dryness can lead to infections in the vulva and vaginal areas and affect intercourse. Suitable intimate hygiene products can help minimise this problem.

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