Feminine and corporal hygiene solution for thrush


Myleuca is a cleansing solution for intimate areas with a mild alkaline pH (pH>7). It contains tea tree essential oil (melaleuca alternifolia), prescribed by doctors for its effectiveness in treating thrush and other fungal skin infections such as athlete’s foot.



Myleuca cleanses intimate areas while respecting the natural balance of vaginal flora. As well as being soap and paraben free, Myleuca is hypoallergenic (formulated to minimise the risk of allergic reactions) and dermatologically tested.


Recommended use

Myleuca can be used to prevent and soothe skin at high risk of fungal infections. It can be used daily as a liquid soap. Rinse well after use.


Can I use Myleuca every day?

Yes. Its soap- and paraben-free formula and mild alkaline pH makes it a cleanser particularly well suited to daily use.

Does Myleuca affect vaginal flora?

No. Myleuca does not alter vaginal flora. Used externally, Myleuca has no impact on the vagina’s pH levels or flora.

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