Rap Phyto Cream

Soothing massage cream especially formulated for tired legs


The benefits of Rap Phyto Cream have been recognised for many years. It is recommended by doctors for its effectiveness in relieving heavy-feeling legs throughout the day. Its three active ingredients – horse chestnut, broom and arnica montana – soothe, relax and tone.

Its creamy formula has been specially designed for massages that have an immediately relaxing effect.



Rap Phyto Cream contains no phenoxyethanol or colouring agents.


Recommended use

Apply Rap Phyto Cream twice daily to tired legs by massaging into the skin with an upward motion.
For a cooling effect, place Rap Phyto Cream in the refrigerator.
We recommend you wash your hands after use.


What is the difference between Rap Phyto Cream and Rap Phyto Gel?

Rap Phyto Cream has a smooth creamy formula that is ideal for relaxing massages. Rap Phyto Gel is quickly absorbed and has an immediate and lasting cooling effect. Rap Phyto Gel can also be used by pregnant women and applied directly on tights.

Can I use Rap Phyto Gel and Rap Phyto Cream while pregnant?

Rap Phyto Gel is completely safe for use during pregnancy and while breastfeeding. However, because it contains broom and arnica montana, Rap Phyto Cream is not recommended for pregnant or breastfeeding women.

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